Marking on the ATMA Answer Sheet

7.1 Use an HB pencil only for darkening the ovals. Ovals marked with an ink pen or a ballpoint pen or any other colour are not acceptable for scanning.

7.2 Remember that you have to darken (with a HB pencil) one oval for each question. More than one darkened oval for a question will be treated as an incorrect or wrong answer and a negative score will be given. If you have to erase, erase completely. If any dark mark/shade is left inside an oval, the optical scanner will read it as marked and score according to the rule.

7.3 A couple of HB pencils duly sharpened, a good quality eraser, a sharpener, a silent watch, the blank specimen answer sheet (Annexure VI) with your biodata duly filled in and a ballpoint pen can be brought to the Test Venue. Nothing else should be brought to the Test Venue. The ballpoint pen may be used only for signing.


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