Nature of the ATMA Test

The test Contains 170 Questions spread over Six Sections. Each Section is timed separately. Total time of the Test is 3 Hours. The Questions cover Analytical, Reasoning Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Verbal skills.

The following table shows the structure of ATMA.

Structure of ATMA
Section Test – Skills No. Of Questions Allotted Time (Minutes)
I Analytical Reasoning Skills 30


II Verbal Skills 25


III Quantitative Skills 30


IV Analytical Reasoning Skills 30


V Verbal Skills 25


VI Quantitative Skills 30


Total 170


(In actual Test the same sequence as shown in the Table above may not be followed)

6.2 Each multiple- choice question is followed by four answers numbered 1,2,3 and 4. You have to choose the correct or best answer from these four choices and then darken the corresponding oval in the answer sheet.

6.3 The questions in this Test are numbered serially starting at 1 and ending at 170. Start answering from the first question of each section and proceed serially.

6.4 Clear familiarity with the directions and questions is necessary. It is important to read the directions for each set of questions carefully.

6.5 In case you find a mistake in the framing of the question or the answer-choices given or both, you need not waste your time on them. You will be given credit for any such question.

6.6 Time should be allotted wisely within the limits given. On any average, there will be less than one minute available for each question in verbal skills, and just one minute in each question in Analytical Reasoning Skills, and Quantitative Skills.

6.7 ATMA has been designed as a standard, benchmark Test with high quality and academic rigour. ATMA scores are useful in determining a candidate’s relative position in the whole test population. A candidate is not expected to answer all questions, within the specified time frame. You are advised to proceed through the Test at an even pace, skipping the more difficult questions, wherever necessary. You can return to the unanswered questions later, within the time specified for each section. If you wish to review your answers in a section, you can do so only in that section within the time limit. You cannot answer any other section(s) or read any other sections(s), backward or forward, as the case may be. Any violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action and even cancellation of your result.

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